Mikmak Assist

WELCOME to Mikmak Assist

Thank you for visting my website. Here you will find information about the kind of services I offer and some information about me/Mikmak Assist.

Mikmak Assist was founded in November 2020 when I started doing transcriptions for different companies located in the US. I moved to the Philippines in 2011 and started doing translations for a living. I mainly worked for a company in Manila, translating user manuals for online slot machines. In 2012 I started working for a Canadian company, ICUC, as an online moderator (context specialist) on the Danish part of Tripadvisor. A year later I started working on the news accounts, moderating the websites of US and Canadian newspapers. I was the first non-native English speaker to join the  team. In 2018 I moved to Ireland to work as Technical Support Analyst for DXC on their Hewlett-Packard account. After 2 months I was promoted to Transition Coach on the DSB (Danish Railroad) account which DXC had taken over from a company in the Czech Republic. My task was to facilitate the available data being transferred to our servers as well as training the team of newly hired Danish support analysts. 

I have a vocational education in logistics as well as a Higher Commercial Examination Programme diploma.

Should you feel the need for more information, don't hesitate to contact me.